As of January 2012, these are the staff that contribute to the website and podcast. We’re always looking for new writers to join the team, so if you’re interested, get in touch with us.


Adrian McMurray

Position: Founder/Co-Owner/Chief Football Analyst

Junior Clubs: Kenthurst Bushboys, St Andrew’s College

WPW Debut: July 2010

Biography: Adrian started the Who’s Playing Who?  podcast as a bit of a side project, not knowing what would come of such a thing. After flying solo in the first few episodes, he recruited Matt and The Phantom, and has never looked back. The website was launched a few months later, and has been growing ever since.

Tomo and David have since joined, adding some international flair to the Who’s Playing Who?  universe. James also joined WPW in late November, 2011, following the release of The Phantom.

Adrian writes a blog, The Straight Bat, previews the NRL team lists, edits the podcast, compiles The Punt and everybody’s favourite weekly post, Megatips.

Adrian also works as a digital sports producer with Pillar Sports.

Twitter: @adrmcm


Matt Trodden

Position: Co-Owner/Chief Rugby League Analyst/Chief Cricket Analyst

Junior Clubs: Balmain Tigers, Newington College, Leichhardt Wanderers

WPW Debut: September 2010

Biography: Matt joined WPW in the third episode of the podcast’s first season, after answering a request from Adrian. He then joined as a co-owner, and launched the site with Adrian in November, 2010. Since then, the site gone ahead in leaps and bounds.

Matt now has his blog, The Final Word, analyses team lists and writes match previews for Megatips. He also acts as Chief Cricket Analyst in summer, and is the reigning WPW EPL Megatips champion (joint victor with Tomo).

He’s also worked for SMH Sport, CRL and is currently a digital sports producer with Pillar Sports.

Twitter: @trods2906


James McBrien

Position: Chief AFL Analyst

Junior Clubs: Westbrook Bulldogs, Mac Uni Warriors

WPW Debut: November 2011

Biography: Having been recruited to replace the highly controversial Phantom, James has been put through a rigorous pre-season training regime in order to be ready for the biggest AFL season in history.

As the opening bounce of 2012 draws nearer, he will be previewing the entire season –  looking at the chances of all teams, plus blogging weekly on the big news and games in the AFL.

Twitter: @james_mcb


Tomo Yee

Position: Chief NBA writer

Junior Clubs: Canterbury U12, U13, U14 Basketball, St. Andrew’s College

WPW Debut: February 2011

Biography: Tomo Yee joined the WPW nation in early February 2011. In the journalistic wilderness and with no sense of direction, it wasn’t until former school friend and tag team partner, WPW’s founder, Adrian gave him the prestigious invitation to become the the first International Correspondent on the podcast. He has been a member of the show ever since and has thrived under the guidance of Adrian and Matt. Under their wisdom, he has managed to introduce Tomo’s Think Tank to the podcast without huge backlash from WPW listeners.

Since then, Tomo has also become Chief NBA writer for the site, delivering insightful yet humorous stories on what’s going on within the NBA. His blog, The Final Buzzer, offers a mix of NBA action, cultural topics and his random thoughts, where he gets to write very politically incorrect statements which are most likely highly offensive. People have compared him to a poor man’s Chinese/New Zealand version of Bill Simmons. This is currently the best complement he has received for his writing.


David Shipton

Position: Chief Rugby Guy

Junior Clubs: Burnside Club, St Andrew’s Collage

WPW Debut: March 2011

Biography:  David was born in South Africa and lived there for a number of years before illegally immigrating to New Zealand. His journey took him to Christchurch, where he thought he would be safe. What a prediction that turned out to be!

He joined the WPW universe after a gruelling interview process when the job of Chief Rugby Guy was advertised. After careful consideration of his credentials, WPW decided to employ David, not because of his expertise, but because he would accept a lower pay package.  He is the author of The Drawing Board.


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