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Adrian Considers (A-League/O’Connor/Maloney/NBA + more)

November 30, 2011 1 comment

Even Berisha is excited for the return of Adrian Considers (Source: AAP)


It’s been a while, but I’m back with my thoughts on a myriad of sporting topics. Let’s go! Read more…


The Punt #24

We have a winner! David had a small win, but it was enough to push himself out of last spot and into third, overtaking Tomo and Adrian. Matt stays in second spot, while James (who inherited The Phantom’s earnings) is out on top. We’ve all got a good feeling this weekend… Then again, we’ve said that before… Read more…

A-League Round 8/EPL Gameweek 13 Megatips

Time for… MEGATIPS. There are quite a few interesting matches this weekend, particularly in the EPL, meaning this round could make or undo the season for any of our five tipsters. The real question is – can Adrian finally pick an A-League game? He’s gone two weeks without a correct tip… Things are looking pretty bleak, even at this early stage of the season. We also welcome James to Megatips, as he takes over from The Phantom. Let’s see who the team are backing! Read more…

McBrien signs with WPW

WPW is very pleased to announce the signing of James McBrien as our new Chief AFL Analyst. Read more…

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Podcast – Episode 39

November 24, 2011 1 comment

Source: Herald Sun

Who’s Playing Who? returns for the Summer Series! You might have noticed the numbering has changed – that’s because it was getting too damn confusing.

Join Adrian, Matt and Tomo this week on the show, as they catch up on everything that’s happened since the last podcast in ‘Stuff you may have missed’, as well as taking a closer look at the recent drawn Cricket series in South Africa.

New to the show is the Commonwealth Games Update. They cross live to the Gold Coast where David Shipton chats to the people on the street ahead of the 2018 event. We can only hope he makes it out of there in one piece.

There’s all the usual A-League and EPL coverage, as well as Tomo’s Think Tank, and Adrian gets fired up in The Rant.

Get on it!

Click here to listen.

Click here to listen in iTunes.

The Phantom released

WPW has come to terms on the release of Chief AFL Analyst The Phantom as of today, November 22, 2011. WPW wishes The Phantom the best in all of his future endeavors.

The Punt #23

No winners last week… This week will hopefully bring success, otherwise we might be looking to save our cash instead! Read more…

A-League Round 7/EPL Gameweek 12 Megatips

Time for… MEGATIPS. The A-League serves up another terrific round, with some players returning from international duty, while others (most notably Harry Kewell) will spend the weekend on the sidelines. The EPL is back from the international break, with injury concerns right across the twenty clubs. Nonetheless we’ll be treated to some terrific matches, with the clash of the two unbeaten sides (Man City and Newcastle, who would have thought?!) as well as the meeting of Chelsea and Liverpool. Let’s see who the team are backing! Read more…

Calamity in Cape Town

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

My oh my. Australians all over the country are still sitting there, wondering what in the world happened in the First Test against South Africa. Even more so, they are wondering who is to blame in all this. Is it the selectors for not stopping the rot earlier and cleaning out the whole line-up rather than simply the only batsman scoring runs? Is it the players themselves for simply throwing in the towel and not even attempting to counter the swinging ball? Or was it simply that the South African bowling attack had their big moment, and were too good for the Australians? Read more…

The Punt #22

We had a winner! David had small yet effective win, which unfortunately still left him in last place. For the first time ever, everyone is in negative territory… As we head deep into November, who is going to salvage their year? Read more…

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