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Brosque injury adds to Sydney’s woes

Sydney FC forward Alex Brosque has been ruled out for the remainder of the A-League season with a groin injury. Brosque suffered the injury at training, and has struggled to move ever since.

The injury comes at the worst possible time for the Sky Blues, who only just welcomed back linchpin Nicky Carle, and sit at the bottom of the A-League ladder just nine months after winning their second title. In addition to that, emerging midfielder Terry Antonis has been ruled out for a month, and strikers Mark Bridge and Bruno Cazarine have both struggled with injury.

It is understood that Brosque may be fit by season’s end, but by this point Sydney’s chance at the finals will be gone, and therefore he is expected to sit the rest of the season out  to ensure he is fit and available for Sydney’s Asian Champions League campaign starting in March.

The injury also rules Brosque out of contention for the AFC Asian Cup in January, where he was a good chance of selection. This is another selection problem for Holger Osieck, who has already had Josh Kennedy ruled out, and is struggling to find a settled strike force.

Matt Considers: In what is easily their worst season, this news drives the stake right through the heart of Sydney. Watching any game this year for Sydney, it is clear that Brosque is the central player in the team, and is probably a class above this competition. For an example of this, watch their game against Brisbane a couple of weeks ago, and notice the difference between the first and second halves. He is quick, skillful, and has a killer left foot. In a horrific season for the Sky Blues, Brosque has been one of a few to stand out.

Moving away from just Sydney, this is a huge blow to Brosque on a personal level. He was considered a near certainty for the Asian Cup squad, particularly with Archie Thompson and Josh Kennedy in serious doubt, as well as being a noted A-League favourite of Holger Osieck. As bad as it could have been for Sydney, Brosque could have used the Asian Cup as a launching pad for a start in Asia, or possibly in the lower leagues of Europe.

I really hope he is back in time for the Champions League, because for Sydney to be any chance of getting out of their group, he needs to be fit and firing. Without him, they will struggle to win another game, depending upon the form and fitness of Nicky Carle, and the look of new Finnish striker Juho Makela.

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