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All Stars Curtain Raiser Announced – UPDATED

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All Stars Curtain Raiser Announced

The NRL, in partnership with McDonalds Australia and Advanced Hair Studios, is today proud to announce an exciting new initiative in rugby league, the Blood Nuts v Skin Heads All Stars clash.

The match will be played as the curtain raiser to the annual Indigenous All Stars and NRL All Stars clash at Skilled Park in February.

McDonalds representative Dave Davies today expressed his excitement about the venture, saying that some of the games greats will be on show, and the company is happy to be involved.

“This is a great time for rugby league. We at McDonalds are very excited about the possibilities with this game, and what it could mean for rugby league,” Mr Davies said.

“The All Stars clash has been a great initiative for the game, and we believe that this just caps off what will be a great annual evening, and a great celebration of the game.”

The teams have been named for the clash (see below), and both sides are proud to announce their coaching staff and trainers.

The Blood Nuts All Stars will be coached by Phil Gould, with Paul “Fatty” Vautin and Greg Florimo to assist and run the water, whilst the Skin Head All Stars are to be coached by Ivan Henjak, with Trevor Gillmiester, Kevin Walters and Geoff Toovey to assist him.

Each side has been allowed to select one ‘Wildcard’ player, who will have to meet the team’s strict hair standards. The Blood Nuts All Stars have selected Manu Vatuvei on the wing, who will by dying his hair red, while the Skin Head All Stars have Luke Lewis at Lock- he will have to be completely bald before next year’s game.

A press conference has been organised for 12pm today.


Blood Nuts All Stars

1. Joel Monaghan

2. Manu Vatuvei (Wildcard)

3. Ben Jones

4. Jack Reed

5. Shaune Corrigan

6.  Kris Keating

7.  Peter Wallace

8.  Keith Galloway

9.  Alan Tongue (c)

10. Brad Meyers

11. Shane Shackleton

12. Ben Creagh

13. David Stagg


14. Steve Southern

15. Craig Stapleton

16. Luke Swain

17. Tom Symonds



Skin Head All Stars

1. Rhys Whesser

2. Michael Robertson

3. Paul Whaturia

4. Adam MacDougall

5. Michael Bani

6. Darren Lockyer (c)

7. Ben Rogers

8. Luke Bailey

9. Paul Aiton

10. Michael Weyman

11. Liam Fulton

12. Glenn Stewart

13. Luke Lewis (Wildcard)


14. Sika Manu

15. Corey Paterson

16. Matt White

17. Sam Rapira



NOTE: If you haven’t already worked this out, its April 1st – GOTCHA! Whilst this match has not actually been announced by anyone, Adrian and Matt are both campaigning heavily for the concept to be pushed ahead……….and for world peace!

If you are against April Fools Jokes in Australia read this article in regards to Senator Steve Fielding’s opinions about the day – http://www.smh.com.au/national/jokes-on-you-april-fools-day-too-much-for-senator-20110401-1cona.html (and get a life!)

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