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Adrian Considers (Watts+Carney/Maguire/Collingwood/El Clasico)

After a bit of a break, Adrian Considers is back again! For those who missed the past entries, it’s sort of like The Fitz Files, but with more Adrian. Sit back and enjoy this one!

Carnage- Watts doing at the Roosters?

Another rugby league scandal. Damn it, I’ve got to say, I’m fairly sure that the players who don’t do anything wrong and the administration must be really getting fed up. When will this end? This time new Roosters recruit Anthony Watts is facing the sack for allegedly striking an ex-girlfriend repeatedly in the back of the head. He’s yet to debut for the side after moving down from North Queensland. Joining Watts that evening before the alleged events took place was none other than Todd Carney. Why is it that Carney is always out with a Hooker (oh snap) when he gets into trouble? Last year it was Jake Friend, now Watts. On a more serious note though… Carney. Come on, fella. I know you have issues, and are going through AA, but was the very real threat of gaol not enough to force you to pull your head in? You’re out injured at the moment, you should be getting yourself right to play again. More importantly, you need to be working through the demons you do have so that you can be the world-class player we know you can be. I just don’t know how many more chances you’re going to have. It happened at Canberra, and it could happen again at the Roosters.

Life after Lang

There was disappointment for Souths fans when Wayne Bennett decided to head to Newcastle for the next few years, opting for the Hunter over Redfern. But to be fair, money talks. I don’t think anyone would knock back the sort of cash that was on offer from Tinkler. The man may as well set himself and his family up for the future. Enter Michael Maguire. The former Assistant to Craig Bellamy at the Storm has signed a three-year deal to coach the Rabbitohs, starting in season 2012. I think it’s a good move- he has proven form, winning the Super League with Wigan in his first year in the job. He’s going to take over an impressive roster of players, have good facilities and will be at the helm of a club which hasn’t won a competition since 1971. There’s plenty of players off-contract as well, so recruitment will be key. I’m excited about the future for the team, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves- this year is far from over, let’s see what happens.

Good old Collingwood forever…

They’ve pumped three teams, scoring 140+ in each of those games, and had a 28 point win over Carlton to remain undefeated so far this season. So the question is… can anyone really challenge the Pies? How about on Friday the 13th of May. 7.40pm. MCG. Collingwood v Geelong. The Cats seem to be grinding out wins, playing a much tougher style of play under new coach Chris Scott. They too are undefeated, so if this trend continues, the aforementioned game should be a phenomenal contest. Oh and one more thing. Dane Swan, you are a legend. Thank you for getting so many possessions. I won’t ever put anyone else as my Dream Team captain again. That is all.

El Clasico… thrice

Love your football? I certainly do. Love it when the big European clubs battle it out? Who doesn’t?! It certainly does not get any bigger than El Clasico- the ongoing battle between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The last game was a standard La Liga home and away match, where two records were broken. Messi had never scored against a side managed by Jose Mourinho. Ronaldo had never scored against Barca. Guess what? It ended up a 1-1 draw, with both of those players scoring. This sets us up beautifully for the Copa Del Rey final, where the sides will meet in Valencia on April 20. Fast forward a week, and they will meet again, this time in the Semi Finals of the UEFA Champions League. The following week, they’ll meet for the final time this season in the return leg. The matches will be an intriguing battle- how will their game plans differ from game to game? What role will Özil play? Will Messi, Villa and co. go on with the job, or will Ronaldo and Adebayor be the ones to score? I have no idea what’s going to happen, which I think is what is part of the appeal of this match up. It could be a hard fought 1-1 draw, or it could be a 5-0 flogging like we saw previously. Rest assured though, I’ll be watching and loving every minute of it.

That’s it for this week’s Adrian Considers– agree or disagree with any of the points above? Leave a comment here, or on our Facebook page, or email whosplayingwho@gmail.com.

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