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The Punt #1

Welcome to the first ever edition of The Punt! It’s been a long-time segment from the podcast, and we thought we’d bring it to the website. The thing is though, it’s not exactly the same as what we did in the podcast, and it could win you some serious money.

The concept first was raised in a discussion between Adrian and The Phantom. Adrian was hassling him over his 1/7 correct tips in the Super Rugby last week, and instead of Phantom  hurling abuse back, he came up with this!

We’re going to give you what we think will be the best multi-bets each week. This is across all the sports we cover (and maybe some others), once a week, all year. We’ll be putting a rather conservative $10 on our bets, but you can lay whatever cash you want on them. We’re going to be keep a running tally as well, and at the end of the year, we will crown our champion (whoever makes the most cash).

Perhaps you’ll follow someone’s multi exactly? Combine the elements of a few people? Ignore them all completely and pick your own? We don’t really mind what you do!

So, to kick us off, here are the offerings for this week.




Matt: Draw/NSW in the Half/Full Double for Origin @ $15 (“This game is always going to be close, and I think NSW will keep it tight and frustrate QLD, grabbing their points late) and Highlanders Penalty Goal as first scoring play in Waratahs vs Highlanders @ $3.35 (“No real theory behind this one, just that a penalty goal will open the scoring”) =$50.25


Adrian: Melbourne Storm to win by 1-12 @ $3.25 (I don’t think either the Storm or Roosters have a lot of points in them this week) + 221 points or more to be scored between Gold Coast Suns and North Melbourne @ $4.50 (Quite unlike the previous game I’ve chosen, there are going to be plenty of points here. And with this option, it doesn’t even matter who’s getting them. This is too good to refuse!) = $14.62


The Phantom: Gold Coast Suns First to 25pts @ $2.55 (They either start horrendously or brilliantly, I’m banking on the latter) + India to win ODI Series vs West Indies @ $1.15 (pretty much a sure thing) + Waratahs def Highlanders by 1-12 @ $2.70 (Tahs will win at home, but are unlikely to blow away a decent opponent) = $7.91


Tomo: NBA G4 Dallas-Miami 08/06 – Last Score Type – 1st Quarter: Miami Free Throw @ $6.50 (seemed like a good return at the time) & Miami-Dallas Series – Correct Score: Dallas 4-2 @ $9  (I picked Dallas to win 4-2 in my Final Buzer finals write up. Better put my (metaphorical) money where my mouth is) = $58.50


David : Super Rugby Crusaders v Blues – First score type – Crusaders Penalty Goal @ $3.40 (Seems like good odds considering that DC has been kicking well and the Blues can’t kick to save themselves. Probably and early ruck/scrum penalty) &  AFL –  R12 Lowest Scoring Team – Brisbane @ $4.50 (Worst team in action this round, going to get thrashed. Coming from someone who has not watched an AFL game in his life this is a big call) = $15.30

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