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The Punt #59

Our top two increased their lead over the pack, with the rest of the squad left with plenty to do. Ruben also joins in on the action for the first time, starting at a flat $0. Will he start in a positive fashion?


(Total)(Change from last week)

1. James ($360.50) (+$57.80)

2. Tomo ($234.10) (+$22)

3. David ($195.80) (-$10)

4. Adrian ($70.30) (-$10)

5. Matt ($34.20) (-$10)

6. Ruben ($0) (N/A)




EPL – Liverpool v Arsenal – Draw @ $3.40 – Both sides have had indifferent starts to the season, and with Andy Carroll now gone from Anfield it’ll be hard for them to get the win, but at the same time Arsenal haven’t been good enough to tip them for victory.


NRL – Fijian Flyers Rd26 – 3-4 Tries @ $4.25 – Each of these men have been in super form of late. Uate is playing at Hunter Stadium on Old Boys Day, Koroibete for the Tigers season at Leichhardt and Waqa for the minor premiership at Leichhardt.




NRL – Tigers v Storm – Storm 13+ @ $3.40 – It’s been suggested to me this is the way to go. May as well go with it.


EPL – Swansea v Sunderland – Swansea @ $2.15 – They’ve been playing some great football, scoring at will. Haven’t conceded a goal in their first two starts, and while they may here, I still think they’ll get the win.

= $7.31



NRL- Bulldogs def Roosters by 13+ @ $1.70 – The Doggies are on their way to the minor premiership, and I expect them to finish the home & away season in style.


US OPEN- Hewitt def Muller @ $1.54 – He may not be playing the best tennis of his career, but thats not going to get in the way of my patriotism as I back Little Lleyton in. C’MON!!!


Cricket – South Africa def England @ $1.66 – It’s been a massive couple of weeks for the Poms, and whilst Andrew Strauss’ retirement won’t affect their ODI setup, the loss of KP is still a big blow.


EPL- Tottenham def Norwich @ $1.40 – If Spurs have aspirations of playing Champion’s League football next year then these are the games they have to win and win well.

= $6.08



NRL – Warriors vs. Raiders – Head to Head – Raiders @ $1.55 – The Warriors are in complete turmoil at the moment, bringing back nightmares of the Matthew Ridge era of the late 90s. That’s how bad it’s getting. Lord have mercy on their soul!


AFL – Essendon vs. Collingwood – Head to Head – Collingwood @ $1.15 – It’s physically hurts me to write this being a huge Bombers fan. But I just can’t see them beating the Magpies this week.

= $1.78



England v South Africa-3rd ODI – South Africa @ $1.66 – The poms are under a bit of pressure, and are facing a quality side at the top of their game. Should be another victory for South Africa ‘A’ over South Africa ‘B’


ITM Cup – Canterbury v Nth Harbour – Canterbury @ $1.10 – The Cantabs dismantled Auckland and North Harbour have been up to nothing much in the past few years. Easy choice.

= $1.82



NRL – Broncos vs Panthers – H2H Panthers @ $5.00 – Broncos have slowly been slipping away from the pack, moving their way down the table. Its something like 17 years since the Broncos have missed the play-offs, amazing record but time for it to end, Pathers to finish the season on a high.


International Test Cricket – NZ vs India – Draw @ $2.50 – Drawing in test cricket for New Zealand is 99% as good as a win. They were humiliated in the first test, i think they have enough motivation to grind out a draw.

= $12.50

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