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Opinion: Elliott joins Warriors

Today we got the announcement Warriors fans have been hanging on for,  for a few weeks now. Matthew Elliott named as the new head coach for 2013/2014. My view on this is just a little mixed.

First off I’m super glad we have a coach with first grade NRL experience. regardless of record, he HAS EXPERIENCE, meaning he knows what it takes, or doesn’t take.

However the one thing bugging me is his attitude towards the players.

As I’ve said in the past, what we need in the Warriors camp is an attitude change within the playing group. Potential candidates like Bellamy and Sheens would have been great for not taking any sh*t from players who under perform or go off the game plan. We’ve had too much lazy play in 2012 and players straying from their position/role within the game.

I feel Elliott is too similar to Cleary and McCleanan with a soft approach/free license.

I don’t doubt Elliott’s abilities as a coach, and a successful coach. He wouldn’t have been my number one pick, but overall I’M HAPPY ABOUT THE DECISION. I’m happy we HAVE a decision, and now the players can get on with the new coach, training for the next season.

News reports of player unrest about the whole decision process I’m sure have been hyped up to create drama around the situation. To my understanding Tony Iro will remain as assistant coach, and players should be happy about that. We couldn’t have had him as HEAD coach, he isn’t what we need in that position, but an experienced man with the team in his own right.

2013 will be the NZ Warriors year and I’m looking forward to watching them in the Grand Final only about 50 weeks away…

Agree or disagree with Ruben? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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