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The Punt #75

We’ve reached our final Punt for 2012! Tomo took home some cash last week to hold onto second place. James is still out in front, and with this being the last week, Adrian has decided to put it all on the line and finish the year with a bang. Tomo, seemingly content with second place, has decided to play it safe. Can James be caught in a dramatic final week? Or will he hold onto first place as he has for most of 2012?


(Total)(Change from last week)

1. James ($296.10) (-$10)

2. Tomo ($161.30) (+$35)

3. Adrian ($147.10) (-$10)

4. David ($77.30) (-$10)

5. Matt ($21.60) (-$10)

6. Ruben (-$121.30) (-$10)



Championship – Burnley v Leicester – Leicester @ $2.25 – Something!


NBA – Charlotte v New Orleans – Charlotte @ $2.20 – Off the back of the successful Bobcat Update segment on the podcast, it’s time for Charlotte to deliver.

= $4.95



A-League – Mariners v Glory – Glory @ $4.00 – The Mariners will be without their captain, their most creative midfielder and their prolific striker. This is the best chance Perth are going to get, and at that price, I’m willing to say they can get the job done.


EPL – Everton v Chelsea – Chelsea @ $2.35 – This is a tough one to predict, but Chelsea are beginning to hit their straps. After playing just 13 minutes against Norwich, Hazard should be in for a big one. 


EPL – Sunderland v Tottenham – Spurs @ $2.05 – The Black Cats upset the champions on Boxing Day, but I think Tottenham won’t make the same mistakes on their travels to the Stadium of Light.

= $19.27



NBA- Miami def Detroit @ $1.38- There’s a reason the Heat are up the top and Detroit…well…aren’t…


NBA- Brooklyn def Charlotte @ $1.16- I went against Jay-Z’s boys last week, but I’m back on them now.


EPL- Manchester United def West Brom @ $1.30- The Red Devils just find a way to win, and this week will be no different.


EPL- Manchester City def Norwich & Stoke @ $2.08- With 2 games this week, I expect the defending champions to cling on to their faint title hopes with 6pts.


EPL- Tottenham def Reading @ $1.33- After a slow start to the season, Spurs are charging towards the European sport, whilst Reading are charging towards the Championship…

= $5.76



NBA- Brooklyn def Charlotte @ $1.16- This week the Nets fired coach Avrey Johnson because the team is 14-14 after a strong start. HE WAS FIRED AND DIDN”T EVEN HAVE A LOSING RECORD! Nonetheless, expect the Nets to play an inspired performance that usually happens when a coach is fired.


NBA – Utah def LA Clippers @ $2.30 – The Clippers are the hottest team in the league and have won 15 straight. Call it wishful thinking but I think that the Jazz at home can possibly upset the Clippers juggernaut…did I really just write Clippers juggernaut?

= $2.67



EPL – QPR v Liverpool – QPR @ $3.85 – Let’s go upset!


EPL – Aston Villa v Wigan – Villa @ $2.40 – Can they stop leaking goals this week? You’d like to think so.

= $9.24



A-League – Adelaide v Sydney FC – Sydney @ $4.85 – Sydney are full of confidence after their win over the Mariners. Adelaide have been shaky the past two weeks. I smell an upset.


A-League – Roar v Phoenix – Phoenix @ $4.75 – Come on ‘nix!

= $23.04

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