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The Punt #86

Wins for Tomo and Matt saw them leap into second and first place respectively, while James remains in positive territory… for now. Only Adrian and Matt were game enough this week, with the rest of the crew being slapped with a $10 penalty. There’s still some value to be had however…


(Total)(Change from last week)

1. Matt (+$28.40) (+$35.70)

2. Tomo (+$18.70) (+$35)

3. James (+$1.80) (-$10)

4. Adrian (-$21.80) (-$10)

5. David (-$44.70) (-$10)

6. Ruben (-$100) (-$10)



WCQ – Australia def Oman @ $1.22 – Seems like a sure thing, but Oman won’t go down easy. Hopefully the Socceroos come out swinging early and get on the scoreboard.


Super Rugby – Brumbies def Stormers @ $2.20 – A tough trip, but the Brumbies have shown some good form and I think they’ll get a win here.




World Cup Qual – Bosnia and Herzegovina v Greece – B&H @ $2.00 – Dzeko to lead the side to a win.


NRL – Panthers v Rabbitohs – Souths 13+ @ $2.00 – I sense a big win is on the cards.

= $4.00













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