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Weather reeks havoc with EPL (UPDATED)

A massive cold snap across England has forced the postponement of the majority of EPL matches this weekend. Only Sunderland vs Bolton, and Blackburn vs West Ham went ahead in this week, with similar cancellations happening across all of the English leagues. The weather has also seen the early cancellation of the Podcast Match of the Round, Chelsea vs Man Utd and Blackpool vs Tottenham. A decision is yet to be reached about the Monday evening clash between Man City and Everton.

One of the few games to go ahead in England overnight was Ipswich vs Leicester, which was played in atrocious conditions. Ipswich went ahead 3-0 early in the games, and despite snowfall so heavy that the game had to be halted to clear the lines, the game continued ridiculously, to a point where up to 4 inches of snow covered the ground, and player safety was in massive doubt.

Despite the cancellations, Who’s Playing Who?’s tipping continued to thrive, with Matt correctly predicting a draw between Blackburn and West Ham, whilst Sunderland got the job done for Adrian in their game against Bolton. Final results will be announced on the Christmas Special Edition of Who’s Playing Who? this Friday 24th December.

Australia has not been spared from the weather, with the clash between Gold Coast and Central Coast abandoned after 20 minutes due to unsafe conditions. Constant rain fell prior to, and throughout the game, and as a result the pitch became too waterlogged to play on.

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