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Inglis- still not a Bunny

It seems like the ongoing saga revolving around one of league’s best players is nowhere near finished. Greg Inglis is currently in limbo, and is still technically a Melbourne Storm player, not yet being released from the club where he has played his entire NRL career thus far.

Things have become very tricky though, with salary cap auditor Ian Schubert refusing to register the contract lodged by Souths. In order for Inglis to join the foundation club, it would seem that someone from the current roster would have to leave.

This has led to rampant speculation in various newspapers as to who would be let go, with a price tag next to each name. Club Captain Roy Asotasi, Beau Champion, Michael Crocker, Jamie Simpson and Ben Lowe have all been mentioned as players who would make way for the Queensland and Australian centre.

At this stage, all parties are denying that any of the players are being shopped around, with Parramatta, North Queensland and (rather ironically) Melbourne the only clubs believed to have enough room to pick up a current Rabbitoh.

Adrian Considers: Very messy situation at the moment. There is no way Souths should have unveiled their new recruit before he was… well, actually signed. I wouldn’t want to see any of the players mentioned leave the club either. Asotasi, while currently not his best, is certainly a fine player, and this talk may spark something that sees him return to the form he has shown in the past. Champion fits perfectly into the Rabbitohs backline, and there is no way I would want to see him playing elsewhere. His combination with Inglis in the centres would be lethal. Crocker didn’t see much game time this season due to a handful of major surgeries he had in the off season. Is his body past it’s best? Maybe it is. If fit he is still a quality player who could also be of great assistance to the young forwards rising through the ranks. Jamie Simpson is a player I feel is greatly underrated- his fighting spirit is phenomenal, and you can just tell that he absolutely gives it his all in every game he plays. He also provides great cover as a utility, playing nearly all positions in the backs, and can give the forwards a rest as well if required. Ben Lowe was a revelation in 2010 and really worked well with the star-studded forward pack. As a player that showed so much promise, it would be a shame to see him move away from the club that moulded him into a great loose forward and Queensland Origin 18th man. All things considered though, each team can’t hold onto every player, and as players develop and attract a higher price, they have to switch clubs. Love it or hate it, this is the salary cap at work.

But, what of Inglis himself? Of course, as a Souths fan, I want to see him in the cardinal and myrtle next year. But, if a deal can’t be done, as an NRL fan, above all else I would want him to remain in the game. Rugby Union and the AFL are sure to be keeping a close eye on all of this, and it wouldn’t take too much for him to be headed to France. I really hope something is worked out, as we can’t afford to keep losing the best talent rugby league has to offer.

  1. James
    December 22, 2010 at 11:05 am

    i think, thanks to the NRL’s general incompetence, he is going to be looking good in the red and black of essendon next year. well, thats assuming he drops 15kg!

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