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Inside the Origin camp – Day 3

Sorry for the delay, its kind of a long story, so I won’t go into any detail. But anyway, you can now get your Country Origin fix all at once. Enjoy!

Day three was a much less eventful one than the once that preceded it. Again, it was a fairly early start, with training starting at 10am on the dot, back at the ground we were at the afternoon before. Again there was a little bit of local media, and some of the people from the footy club who came down to have a closer look.

Again, the session was well done. The boys looked intense and well structured, with not a lot of dropped ball. Blocky’s mate was back again, in a different shirt this time, but something to get signed by the boys as well. Duges and Sowie pulled up a bit sore after training, and had to come off the park with about 10-15 mins left. Neither was in any real trouble, but there was no need to take any chances with players of that importance.

After a lengthy session, the boys got back on the bus, and back to the hotel where the ice-baths awaited. Lunch was after this, and then we had a good 3 hour break until the massive promo in the afternoon. As like most of the players and staff, I decided to take a look around the city, and what it had to offer. I also had an opportunity to get a Mothers Day present, which was helpful.

To be quite honest, I’ve seen very little of Australia’s country towns, but from what I have seen, Albury was pretty impressive. It was kind of like Matiland, but on steroids. There are plenty of small ‘country type’ shops, but also the major chains and a plethora of cafes and bakeries. In all, plenty to kill some time with.

I got back to my room and got some work done, cause I realised I was actually down there for a reason other than tagging along everywhere. At 4 we went down to QEII Square around the corner for the ‘Civic Reception’ and signing promo. Now I’m no stickler for time, but the agreed meeting time for the teams was 4:15, and with a large line already there when we arrived, being close to on time was pretty important. So when the City boys finally turned up at 4:40ish, its easy to say not many people were impressed.

Despite being in an AFL stronghold, there was plenty of interest in the teams, and lots of people there to get stuff signed. I also had some work to here, getting a phone interview for Aiden Tolman with somebody from a regional paper. That took up most of the time in the session, but I also had a chance to catch up with a couple of the City staff, who worked at the Tigers. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see any of the boys because they turned up so late, but there would be plenty of time for that in the coming days.

After the signing session, we had a little bit of free time before dinner. We got dinner from the restaurant as the coaching staff were out at the local sportsman function. The apprentice Doc attempted to get Sowie back for his Monday night serve, but couldn’t go through with it and pulled out. After dinner the boys pretty much went straight to bed, and the staff decided to go out, mainly as it was uni night, so there would be plenty going on. We met some of the City staff at one of the local pubs, and thus ended another good day in Country camp. Stay tuned for the exciting happenings of Thursday from my eyes!

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