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Now Hiring x 2 (UPDATED)

Love your sport? Enjoy writing about it? We want you!

We’re looking to fill two new positions- they are as follows:

News Blogger

As our News Blogger, you would be posting an article on a weekly basis (or more often if you wish), covering the biggest sports story/stories of the week, and providing your own take on the events. It doesn’t have to be huge- a few paragraphs weekly is what we’re after. You could also join in on Megatips and other parts of the site as you wish.

Lady Luck

We’ve noticed something here- we’ve got plenty of opinions… but no female point of view. There are plenty of ladies out there who are huge sports fans, so why not join the Who’s Playing Who? team? As part of the site, you would write a weekly (or more frequent, depending on what you want to do) blog post on the issues that interest you, sporting or otherwise. We would encourage you to join in on Megatips or other parts of the site as you wish.

While neither position are paid (we do this for the love of sport!), they are a great opportunity for you to build your own portfolio of work that can be read by hundreds of sports fans each week, including many journalists and sports administrators. If you’re interested in either position, email whosplayingwho@gmail.com, letting us know who you are and which of the two roles you have in mind, and we’ll take it from there. We hope to hear from you soon!

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