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The Punt #37

James is on a roll, another victory, and after this one he has taken the lead in the competition, although Tomo’s bets are still on the table, so by next week we could have him back at the top. Unfortunately Adrian is still without a win, but this week he has chosen a different route. Who is Adrian entrusting to get him out of his slump?


(Total)(Change from last week)

1. James ($96.80) (+$32.30)

2. Tomo ($91.30) (TBA)

3. Matt ($1.30) (-$10)

4. David (-$9.30) (-$10)

5. Adrian (-$70) (-$10)




EPL – Fulham def QPR @ $2.65  – With Mark Schwarzer back, I think QPR won’t be able to find the back of the net, and off a win over Stoke last week, Fulham should be too good.


English Super League – Hull FC def Salford @ 1.40 – Former Tigers assistant coach Peter Gentle is in charge at Hull, and he will have this side up and contending in no time. For now, they should be too good for fellow rookie Aussie coach Craig Sandercock’s Salford. Look out for Wade McKinnon and Brett Seymour to star for Hull.



EPL – Arsenal v Tottenham – Spurs @ 2.85 – They should win… Although, I’ve probably jinxed it now!


Academy Awards – 2012 Best Actor – Jean Dujardin @ $1.75 – He’s won quite a few others. It’s time for him to take out the big one.

= $5.00


NAB Cup – Sydney Swans def St Kilda @ $2.50 – I’m going with my eastern Sydney neighbours in this one. They might not be the flashiest side, but the Saints have named a very young squad, and I think the Swans are great value here.


ODI Series – Sth Africa def New Zealand @ $1.50 – This might be a fairly safe bet, but South Africa looked very good in the T20 games, and should continue that momentum from their close win and grab the cash here. On a related side note, how good was Richard Levi last week!



Academy Awards – 2012 Best Actor – George Clooney @ $2.00 – I will take Adrians bet and go with my man Clooney. Seriously though, who the f%*k is Jean Dujardin?!


NBA – Miami vs. New York – Head to Head – Miami @ $1.16 – Linsanity comes to a screaming halt against the jugganaut that is LeBron, Wade and the Heat. And poor Melo will ge the blame for this!

= $2.32


SRg Rd1 Blues-Crusaders 24/02 – Head to Head – Crusaders @ $2.10 – The crusaders are missing a few of their stars but should be good enough to take this one


ODI G1 NZ-SAfr Hd2Hd 25/02 – Head to Head – South Africa @ $1.50 – The t20s were close but South Africa have momentum and are a lot better in this form


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