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The Punt #96

Matt won, jumping from third into first. Everyone’s in this week, with a few interesting bets… To see what’s doing, head on inside.

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The Punt #38

So James again gets a good collect, pushing him further out in front, while David pushes himself into third with a collect as well. Neither of Tomo’s punts from the last two weeks have got up, hence his double loss this week, and Adrian’s streak continues. This week he’s gone to extreme lengths to get a win, but how far will he go?

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The Punt #37

James is on a roll, another victory, and after this one he has taken the lead in the competition, although Tomo’s bets are still on the table, so by next week we could have him back at the top. Unfortunately Adrian is still without a win, but this week he has chosen a different route. Who is Adrian entrusting to get him out of his slump?

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