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A sign of things to come

Don’t fear Manchester United fans – despite the 1-0 loss to Everton, there were still plenty of promising signs in the first match of the season.

Yes, it’s not the ideal way to start the new campaign, but there were some good signs in attack, even if there were no goals scored.

I don’t know how long fans have been waiting for a rejuvenated midfield, and I liked the look of what was on offer. With Cleverley and Scholes sitting deeper, they worked in tandem to control the game – it’s a good blend of youth and experience. Kagawa was used centrally, with Nani and Welbeck on the flanks. When van Persie joined in on the action, he too was used in a wider position… which I found slightly odd.

I’m not sold on the idea of using genuine strikers (Welbeck, van Persie) that far out – they should be closer in, in my opinion. It seems a waste. I understand the lack of options in defence meant Tony Valencia had to be used at right back, but I personally can’t wait until he’s unleashed further up the field.

The way I saw it, the new-look attack was a breath of fresh air, with returning stars combining with the new signings. No goals in the Premier League yet, I get that. But we have to remember the limited time they’ve had to gel (van Persie in particular). I don’t think we could expect miracles over night.

The real problem for me was in defence. Centre back isn’t Carrick‘s go, I think we all can agree. Everton targeted him in particular, which is exactly how they got their goal. When Ferdinand, Jones, Evans and Smalling make their way back into the side, it’ll be a much tighter unit. Until then, it’s a real worry.

Oh and De Gea was a beast in-goal. Always been a fan, hopefully this is his break-out year.

Positive news with the signing of Netherlands international Alexander Buttner from Vitesse Arnhem. Any new defenders are always a welcome addition in my eyes, especially when good left backs are as rare as hen’s teeth.

What did you make of Manchester United’s first league appearance of the 2012/13 season? Agree? Disagree? Comment away below.

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