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David does RWC – Days 12, 13 and 14

September 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The 2011 Rugby World Cup is well under way in New Zealand, and we’ve sent our Chief Rugby Analyst David Shipton along to cover the entire tournament for us (well… not really. He lives there.)

RWC Days 12, 13 and 14

As per the last article I want to start this one with a bit of a rant. I was watching Argentina and Scotland play in really bad conditions, and couldn’t happen to notice that there was quite a high injury toll during the match. Now, if the injury to the player is serious enough, the ref will stop play and award a scrum. This is generally also done to stop the injured player and the medics getting in the way of the game.

However, on Sunday night I watched as Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe got what seemed to be a serious enough injury, yet nothing was done about it. A couple of seconds later the play was round him, and he couldn’t get out of the way (he had done something to his knee and therefore could not walk off). There were several Argentinean rucks only meters away from where he lay with a medic guarding him, and on several of them he influenced the play. Now this is just unacceptable. You cannot have an injured player influencing the game like Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe did (no fault of his). He should have been allowed to go straight off instead of having the possibility of a ruck potentially forming near or even on him, and having an influence on play.  The IRB have dropped the ball on this one for me. Read more…

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