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The Final Buzzer – 82 Random NBA Thoughts (Part 1)

October 30, 2012 1 comment

The NBA is back! After a 66 game lockout season last year, it’s a refreshing change of pace back to the 82 game season that we all know and love. And what better to celebrate the NBA returning than to give 82 random NBA thoughts! Now 82 thoughts is a lot to process so here are the first 41 random thoughts! Enjoy!

Oh you thought i’d use a different photo?

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NRL Season 2012 Preview Pt. 4 – The Favourites

The final instalment of the epic NRL season preview, as we finally reach the top four. These are the sides who we believe will be the ones to beat in 2012 and be hanging around come September footy. Once again we don’t give a specific place – these sides should be safe after the first week of the finals series. Read more…

NRL Season 2012 Preview Pt. 3 – Competition Dark Horses

We’ve made it to the Top 8! In this one we take a look at the sides we think will finish 5th-8th. As per usual, no exact place is given, but these are the sides we think will be in the bottom half of the 8 come the end of Round 26.

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NRL Season 2012 Preview Pt. 2 – Just Missing Out

Welcome to the second instalment of our NRL Season 2012 Preview – this time around, we take a look at the sides who we think will just miss out on the Top 8, finishing positions 9-12. Remember, no specific number is given, but we feel these teams will be around this spot when September rolls around. Read more…

NRL Season 2012 Preview Pt. 1 – The Also-Rans

NRL season 2012 is finally upon us, and just like every year, all 16 teams are talking up their chances. We’re ready to give predicting the final ladder a crack, so read on to find out who we think will finish in the bottom four… Read more…

AFL Season Preview Pt. 4- The Window is Open

March 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Welcome to the last of my AFL Season Previews- it’s time to get stuck into the Top 4. These are the sides who I believe are going to absolutely smash it this year. All the talk from clubs these days is about the “Premiership Window”, and for these Top 4 sides, it is well and truly open. The only question that remains to be asked is this: Who is going to jump through and find the Premiership Cup in the other side? Read more…

AFL Season Preview Pt. 3- Not Since ’97

March 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Pt. 3 of my AFL Season Preview is here, and we’ve finally hit the Top 8! In 1997, the Adelaide Crows won the premiership from 5th place. This has been the only time a team has won the flag from outside the Top 4. Don’t try and tell these sides that however, because as they will say, anything can happen come September. These are the four teams that I think will be playing finals footy, but may just be an outside chance to be Premiers in 2011. Read more…

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