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NRL Season 2012 Preview Pt. 4 – The Favourites

The final instalment of the epic NRL season preview, as we finally reach the top four. These are the sides who we believe will be the ones to beat in 2012 and be hanging around come September footy. Once again we don’t give a specific place – these sides should be safe after the first week of the finals series. Read more…


Digital TV is GO!

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment

It seems nowadays all our traditional media are slowly yet surely gravitating towards digital technology. Newspapers are strengthening their online distribution models (with the iPad becoming a device of greater significance than was first thought), and Radio is transitioning to its own digital service. TV is no different. I thought this week that I’d take a look at digital TV in Australia, what it means for everyone involved, and also make sure you know when your area is switching over. Read more…

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