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The Punt #16

Just the one winner last week, with Tomo taking advantage of the three Warriors teams remaining in the NRL, Toyota Cup and NSW Cup competitions. He’s backing them again this week, and if it all comes off, there’s little chance anyone could ever catch him again. Read on to see some ridiculous odds that could make him some huge dollars, as well as the rest of the hopeful bets.


(Total)(Change from last week)

1. The Phantom ($58.70) (-$10)

2. Tomo ($30.90) (+$31.90)

3. Adrian ($27.10) (-$10)

4. David (-$49.95) (-$10)

5. Matt (-$87.50) (-$10)





NYC GF Warriors-Cowboys H2H – Warriors @$1.30 – I can’t think of any more sure bet in the world at the moment, but I’m sure the Warriors will find a way to ruin my weekend on this one.


MLB Phily-StLs Hd2Hd 02/10 – St Louis @$2.75 – Going out on a limb a little here and backing my Cardinals to start the playoffs on a roll with a win over Philly.


WRC Irelnd-Italy Line 02/10 – Italy +12.5 @$1.87 – I’m hoping Italy can get up against the Irish here to put the Wallabies top of the group but I know it’s highly unlikely. What I do know though, is if the Italians throw the ball around they could get close to the Irish.

= $6.68




NRL GF Manly-Warriors – Player To Score – Michael Robertson @ $2.00 – He scored a three in 2008, and in his last game for the club, he’s bound to score at least one.


WRC Australia-Russia  – Margin – Australia 75+ @ $2.15 – Wallabies – smash them!

= $4.30



The Phantom

AFL GRAND FINAL- Collingwood to score more behinds than goals @ $2.35- They’ve been notoriously shaky in front of goals for 2 seasons now, particularly when the pressure is on. Added to that the forecast for Saturday afternoon in Melbourne – Rain, wind & 15 degrees. Not ideal conditions for goalkicking in what will be a tough, low scoring slog.


NRL GRAND FINAL- Manly def. NZ Warriors by 13+pts @ $2.75- The Warriors have had an extremely fortunate run through the finals, after getting belted by the Broncos in the first week, they controversially snuck past the Tigers before some individual brilliance saw them into their 2nd Grand Final in history. Were it not for the rubbish McIntyre System, they wouldn’t still be here. Manly on the other hand have cruised through, comfortably beating everyone in their path for the last couple of months, and they will do it in a canter on Sunday afternoon.


RWC- Ireland def Italy by 13+pts @ $1.83- This is a massive game for this group. If Italy win, the Wallabies will top the group with Italy 2nd, but Ireland won’t let that happen. They will smash the Azzuri and set up an enticing quarter final clash with Wales. 

= $11.83




Cross Codes Kiwi Triple Treat – ABs50+/Warrior/SO U THNK @ $17 – Is the So U Think talking about the Tv show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’? If so i have no idea. I do however feel like the AB’s and the Warrior’s can get up and keep their end of the bargin alive. IT’S PAYING $17 FOR GOD’S SAKE! Let’s go the Kiwi’s!


NSW/TOYOTA/NRL FINALS – NZ Win All 3 League Finals @$8.79 – Might as well take advantage of these triple threat betting things! They all won last week and made me (hypothetical) money so im going to back them again!

= $149.43




NRL GF Manly-Warriors IncExT 02/10 – Head to Head – Warriors @ $2.60 – Got to back the boys to do it again. Been doing it all year and its proved a decent bet so why not?


GF Treble – Auckland/WarU20/Warriors @ $8.79 – Well it would be pretty spectacular if it did happen.

= $22.85

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