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The Punt #22

We had a winner! David had small yet effective win, which unfortunately still left him in last place. For the first time ever, everyone is in negative territory… As we head deep into November, who is going to salvage their year?


(Total)(Change from last week)

1. The Phantom (-$1.30) (-$10)

2. Matt (-$15.70) (-$10)

3. Tomo (-$30.90) (-$10)

4. Adrian (-$32.90) (-$10)

5. David (-$54.35) (+$18.20)




WCQ – Oman v Australia – Australia win @ $1.55 – I’m expecting the Aussies to win here, but I don’t think it will be as easy as some are predicting.


FNt England v New Zealand – New Zealand win @ $1.55 – While the Pommies were impressive against Australia last week, I don’t think the Kiwis will let the opportunity to play the Aussies again go through their hands. Expect Benji Marshall to put on a masterclass against his Tigers team-mates.





Every international window, I always load up on these games, and they all end up being drawn. Nonetheless, I’m going to give it another go. Let’s see what happens… 

Football International – Ukraine v Germany – Germany @ $1.63


Football International – France v USA – France @ $1.53


Football International – England v Spain – Spain @ $1.85

= $4.61



The Phantom

World Cup Qualifier – Oman v Australia – Australia @ $1.50 – The Socceroos had little trouble with Oman when they last played in Sydney in October, and I can see much the same result here, even away from home. 


Cricket – South Africa v Australia – Australia @ $4.25 – With wickets falling everywhere you look, the Aussies can surely get the job done. And at that price, they’re too good to refuse. 

= $6.38




NFL – Kansas City v Denver – Head to Head – Kansas City @ $1.52 – I don’t think Tebow can lead the Broncos to victory here im afraid.


ANBL – Breakers v Hawks – Head to Head – Breakers @ $1.05 – It saddens me that this is the only basketball I can bet on. SADDENS ME!

= $1.60




FNt England v New Zealand – New Zealand win @ $1.55 – The Kiwi’s will be up for this game and should have a bit too much in the tank for the British lads.


T1 SthAfrica-Aust Result 09/11 – Result – South Africa @ $1.25 – After what happened on day two this is a surprisingly low odds bet, but I think the South Africans will be able to just squeak over the line.

= $1.90

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