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The Punt #62

September 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Ruben got his first win on the board, and as a result, moved out of last place and into fifth, leaving Matt at the bottom just in positive figures. The top three are still well ahead, with James and Tomo still well clear at the top. Can they be caught? Head on in to see where the money is headed this weekend.

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The Punt #23

No winners last week… This week will hopefully bring success, otherwise we might be looking to save our cash instead! Read more…

The Punt #22

We had a winner! David had small yet effective win, which unfortunately still left him in last place. For the first time ever, everyone is in negative territory… As we head deep into November, who is going to salvage their year? Read more…

The Punt #21

No winners this week, and things aren’t looking so crash hot. Some of our punters are sticking with tried and true methods, while others are thinking outside of the box in hope of cashing in big time. Read more…

The Monday Wrap – 11/4/11

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Welcome back to The Monday Wrap for another big week in sport. This week there is more injuries, some cricket news, the US Masters wraps up, Black Caviar impresses again, I take a look at the NRL’s Men of League Heritage Round and quite possibly the greatest goal of all time, and we have our first edition of Wayne’s World. Read more…

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