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The Punt #82

Both James and Tomo won big, wiping their debts and moving into positive territory. Matt still retains a slender lead, while Adrian, David and Ruben are yet to record a win in 2013. Will this be it?

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Podcast – Episode 43

December 22, 2011 1 comment

'The Special One' gives this episode the tick of approval.

Our Christmas episode for 2011 is here, and what a show it is!

Matt, Tomo and Adrian all hand out presents to sporting stars around the world, and we hear from some of football’s elite + an old WPW favourite with their Christmas messages.

We talk T20 Big Bash, preview the Boxing Day test, and take a look at how the NBA is shaping up ahead of the long-awaited start to the regular season.

We also reflect on the sporting achievements of Kim Jong-il, arguably one of the greatest golfers of all time.

Add to this the usual A-League and EPL coverage, and you’ve got one hot show on your hands. This might be the last one before we’re shut down by the North Korean government, so make sure you listen in!

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Podcast – Episode 39

November 24, 2011 1 comment

Source: Herald Sun

Who’s Playing Who? returns for the Summer Series! You might have noticed the numbering has changed – that’s because it was getting too damn confusing.

Join Adrian, Matt and Tomo this week on the show, as they catch up on everything that’s happened since the last podcast in ‘Stuff you may have missed’, as well as taking a closer look at the recent drawn Cricket series in South Africa.

New to the show is the Commonwealth Games Update. They cross live to the Gold Coast where David Shipton chats to the people on the street ahead of the 2018 event. We can only hope he makes it out of there in one piece.

There’s all the usual A-League and EPL coverage, as well as Tomo’s Think Tank, and Adrian gets fired up in The Rant.

Get on it!

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The Punt #23

No winners last week… This week will hopefully bring success, otherwise we might be looking to save our cash instead! Read more…

The Punt #22

We had a winner! David had small yet effective win, which unfortunately still left him in last place. For the first time ever, everyone is in negative territory… As we head deep into November, who is going to salvage their year? Read more…

The Punt #21

No winners this week, and things aren’t looking so crash hot. Some of our punters are sticking with tried and true methods, while others are thinking outside of the box in hope of cashing in big time. Read more…

The Punt #14

September 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Our boys in New Zealand had a terrific week, cashing in big time. Tomo has cleared all his debt and is in positive territory for the first time in a while, while David is slowly yet surely chipping away at it. The Phantom is still out in front – can anyone catch him? Head on in to see who we’re backing this week. Read more…

The Punt #10

Matt is finally off the mark, taking a fair chunk out of his debt. The rest of us were unsuccessful, but with so much sport happening around the world at the moment, surely we can back a winner? Read more…

The Punt #6

Another unsuccessful week for our multis, which is starting to raise some eyebrows around the WPW Universe. The guys in New Zealand were relying on a Crusaders’ victory, while upsets cost the Australian-based punters dearly. It’s not all doom and gloom- Adrian and The Phantom are still in positive territory, while the others are looking a bit worse for wear… This has to be the week everything comes together! Read more…

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