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The Drawing Board – End of year tour review

December 7, 2012 Leave a comment

A stunning victory by England over world champions New Zealand and seven tries from Ireland against Argentina were two rare high points for the home nations in the November internationals against the visitors from the south. Read more…

The Punt #65

No winners last week! Disaster for the bottom three, with Ruben heading further into negative territory and Adrian and Matt hovering dangerously close to $0. The big three are flying high, and there are some big risks inside – can we find a winner this weekend?

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The Punt #64

Another lone winner last week, with David getting up. Adrian was close, but no 40/20 in the grand final cost him big time… Can we find another winner this week? Let’s see where everyone is spending their money.

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The Punt #62

September 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Ruben got his first win on the board, and as a result, moved out of last place and into fifth, leaving Matt at the bottom just in positive figures. The top three are still well ahead, with James and Tomo still well clear at the top. Can they be caught? Head on in to see where the money is headed this weekend.

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The Punt #60

Just one winner last week, with Tomo clawing his way back to first place. He’s only… $100 behind, but still, he’s getting there! Where are the team putting their cash this weekend?

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The Monday Wrap – 10/10/11

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

The Monday Wrap returns following a massive weekend of sport, and one enthused (by sport), yet heavily bored (by other things) author. Trying not to miss anything I’ll take a look at the return of the A-League, the Champions League Twenty20 finals, the Rugby World Cup quarter finals (although I’ll leave the main analysis to our man on the ground and the best in the business Shippy) as well as  the battle for Brookvale version two. All that and more in The Monday Wrap! Read more…

RWC 2011 – Quarter Final Preview

October 7, 2011 4 comments

It is down to the business end of the competition. The pool play has finished and all we are left with is the top eight teams in the world. To be honest, most of these teams were easy to predict that they would get through to the quarters. Perhaps only Argentina can claim that they are the only shock, but even then, it was not a huge stretch of the imagination to see them qualifying. Read more…

The Drawing Board – Rugby World Cup 2011 Preview (7/9/11)

September 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Welcome to the Drawing Board, Who’s Playing Who?’s one stop rugby shop. The World Cup starts this Friday, with excitement reaching fever pitch. I’ll be doing a bit of a different Drawing Board this week and during the world cup. No News this week, but I will still do a brief ITM/Currie Cup wrap here. During the World Cup however, I will be doing a blog post almost every day to provide up to date and awesome analysis. Canterbury and Hawke’s Bay won the ITM Premiership and Championship finals respectively. This is Canterbury’s fourth consecutive title, whilst for Hawke’s Bay they earn promotion to the Premiership.  The Lions, Sharks, Cheetahs and Western Provence all enjoyed victories in the Currie Cup. Read more…

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