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The Punt #81

Matt won again, but there was no joy for our other punters… Will this be the week? We certainly hope so!

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The Punt #80

Tough times for our punters, with no winners again last week… 2013 hasn’t gone to plan thus far, but the crew are remaining positive, and there are some hidden gems on offer this weekend. See where they’re investing this weekend inside.

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The Punt #72

No winners last week? No worries. There’s some huge value on offer this weekend, especially in the A-League. Let’s take a look at what the crew are investing in.

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The Punt #71

After a week off, our punters are back in the thick of it. There’s some tremendous value on offer this weekend, and our team think they’ve found the pick of the bunch. Oh and, guess who won last time out? Adrian continues his charge up the ladder and shoots into fourth spot. Look out, top three!

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The Punt #52

We took a mid-season break last week, but are back with plenty of handy multis. Where are there WPW crew putting their money this weekend?

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The Punt #51

No winners last week, but there are sold bold wagers this week, with some big money possibly on the way for our experts. Who are they backing?

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The Drawing Board (15/6/2012)

Hello and welcome to Who’s Playing Who?’s weekly rugby blog. This week saw the first ever break in Super Rugby history for the internationals. So not that many games played over the weekend, but they were high quality none the less. The northern hemisphere teams are currently undertaking tours of each of the southern hemisphere countries, which is a step in the right direction for me. This allows for more drama to unfold during the course of the series, and gives teams a chance to work each other out over a few weeks. Well done whoever had the foresight to bring these back. Read more…

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