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The Punt #100

The 100th edition of The Punt is here! As a special bonus, any winners this week will have $100 added to their total next week. Some interesting strategies have emerged, with some playing it safe, while others have gone for broke. Head on inside to see where the money is.

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The Punt #53

Three winners last week, with James extending his lead at the top. David widened the gap between third and fourth, while Matt clawed his way back to come within a single dollar of Adrian, nearly off the bottom of the ladder. Can anyone improve their position this weekend?

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Podcast- Series 3 Episode 7


This week on the show, we cross live to the Sydney Hilton where Mark O’Neill was inducted into the Balmain Tigers Hall of Fame. We speak to Mark on what the Hall of Fame means to him, memorable moments from his career, what he’s up to at the moment and his time in the English Super League. We preview the NRL, AFL and Super Rugby matches coming up this weekend, and take a look at Wimbledon, and who we think will win there. The Phantom joins us for the entire show (well, most of it anyway…) so you know it’s going to be good. If you haven’t checked out the podcast for a while (or at all), have a listen!


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