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The Punt #81

Matt won again, but there was no joy for our other punters… Will this be the week? We certainly hope so!

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The Punt #80

Tough times for our punters, with no winners again last week… 2013 hasn’t gone to plan thus far, but the crew are remaining positive, and there are some hidden gems on offer this weekend. See where they’re investing this weekend inside.

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The Drawing Board

with David Shipton

Welcome to The Drawing Board, Who’s Playing Who’s new blog covering all things rugby. To kick things off, all our thoughts and are with those who are suffering in Japan and Christchurch. Disasters like these put sport into context, that at the end of the day it is just a game.  However, sports like rugby can have an amazing power to unite and uplift a group of people. This leads nicely onto our first bit of news. Read more…

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